About this Blog

Welcome to The Loudness War.

The Loudness War is two things:

1) A blog written by myself,  Jayme VandenBerg, about new music that I enjoy, and wish to share with others.

2) The loudness war (or loudness race) is the music industry’s tendency to record, produce, and broadcast music at progressively increasing levels of loudness to attempt to create a sound that stands out from others.
This phenomenon can be observed in many areas of the music industry, particularly broadcasting and albums released on CD and DVD. In the case of CDs, the war stems from artists’ and producers’ desires to create CDs that sound as loud as possible, or louder than CDs from competing artists or recording labels.

Views regarding the effect of the loudness war are heavily subjective. Proponents of louder music releases claim that consumers prefer louder CDs (or other music format, such as Mp3s) and that they are better for most busy listening environments. Music media containing large amounts of clipping are thus played back at lower volume than non-clipped recordings because of the excessive harshness of the sound. Many hold the opinion that only a handful of albums, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 1999 release Californication (an album with such excessive amounts of high-frequency digital clipping that audio enthusiasts have deemed it “unlistenable”), are examples worth considering, while others believe any CDs where digital full scale is utilized should be considered unacceptable. Such listeners may be unwilling to listen to albums mastered in a loudness-based fashion. Conversely, others may not notice the effects at all, may consider them only a minor annoyance, or may not be able to identify listener fatigue and its cause. (From Wikipedia.org)

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