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Foo Fighters – Wasting Light Review

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Recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage, Wasting Light is the seventh studio album from the Foo Fighters and according to the band’s front man, their “heaviest album yet.” While I might not buy into the “heaviest and hardest” claim, it is most definitely their most raw. In an industry where many rock bands tend to become more produced over time, the realization that a group who has been recording albums for over 15 years, being played on MTV and selling out stadiums can still dig in and create an organic, entirely analogue release speaks volumes to their talent and overall grasp of their passion.

Wasting Light gets off to a noisy start, with Grohl growling “these are my famous last words” before kicking into a thunderous guitar riff that retains the band’s signature melodic trim. The first single “Rope” and the following “Dear Rosemary” are classic Foo Fighters tracks that welcome old listeners to the album. What follows is what I assume Grohl was talking about when alluded to the band’s heaviest work thus far; “White Limo.” The vocals cannot be deciphered, the drums and licks fly by at a rapid pace, yet it’s strongly melodic, even amongst Grohl’s shrieks and screams. Later in the track list, the slow burner “I Should Have Know,” which features Grohl’s former Nirvana band-mate, Krist Novoselic, continues the anti-formulaic vibe that enhances the record.

Overall, the album contains little filler with “Arlandria,” “These Days,” “Back and Forth” and the album closer “Walk” urging heads to nod and hands to start air-strumming. In what is a true testament to the power of the songs on Wasting Light, although the album was recorded in a garage, I can imagine it would pack much of the same punch streaming out of an arena’s massive speaker system.


City and Colour – Little Hell Review

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With Alexisonfire splitting up earlier this year, it seems as though Dallas Green’s side project, City and Colour, has now become his full time gig. While I enjoyed much of what Alexisonfire brought to the table, Green was always the part of the equation that stood out for me. With “Little Hell” offering more of a “band sound” than his previous acoustic-tinged releases, I have no complaints what-so-ever about both Green’s and the band’s decision to part ways.

“Little Hell” sees Green joined by Daniel Romano of Attack in Black, Dylan Green and Scott Remila of Raising the Fawn, Nick Skalkos of The Miniatures, Misha Bower of Bruce Peninsula and Anna Jarvis and Jordan Mitchell of The Rest. The result is a fuller, lusher sound that other City and Colour outings. The title track “Fragile Bird” and “Weightless” are great examples of this. The album also sounds less produced, but the imperfections and the squeal of guitar string only add to the album’s sorrowful musical and lyrical landscape. Case in point, the track “The Grand Optimist” does not convey any of the feeling its title suggests.

Overall, the album acts as a continuing step in City and Colour’s releases. While “Bring Me Your Love” built on “Sometimes” acoustic guitar driven sound with folk influenced banjos, harmonicas and drums, “Little Hell” takes it one step further by offering the listener an even more layered recording.

Catch City and Colour at the Burton Cummings Theatre on February 3rd, 2012.

I’m Back – with a lot of catching up to do

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I realize it has been over a year since I last updated this blog. That will no longer be acceptable, starting immediately. Over the last month, I have slowly been putting together a new website that focuses on freelance writing services (copy, media kits, social media, etc). Part of putting together this new online presence includes keeping a well-updated blog. While I realize that comment makes it sound like maintaining this blog can be a hassle, it is simply not the truth. Posting articles to this blog is actually quite fun and I am disappointed that I fell out of the habit of doing so.

There were a lot of great music releases over the last year and I’m going to get right down to business, posting as many of them as can, as well as writing the odd off-topic post. Great to be back!