Off Topic – Let Me In

One of my favorite movie genres is horror.  Not cheap gimicky horror, but insightful, artful and allegory-filled horror.  The genre is ripe for commentary on humankind and the world we live in.  At this time, I find that Europe and Asia are currently doing horror films best.  North America has some catching up to do.  Opening next week is a remake of a great little Swedish horror flick called “Let the Right One In.”  The American remake reduces the title to “Let Me In.” 

To simplify the plot – its a vampire movie.  Wait! Come back!  Its good, I swear!  The plot device that makes one of the main charecters a vampire is used to delve deep into human phycology.  The charecters are mostly childen, yet they don’t act like children.  A vampire doesn’t age on the outside either.

I never have high hopes for remakes.  The early reviews for this one, however, seem promising.  But, I have been let down so many times before.  The atmosphere, the subtle naunces and the charecters really elevated the original movie and I can only hope that these elements are not lost on North American audiences.  The new trailer bothers me, as it paints the film as a scary movie.  “Let the Right One In” was not scary, it was unsettling.  Yet, it was also quite nice.  Both trailers are posted below.  Check them out.


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