Bruno Mars – A Breath of Fresh Air

When you turn on the radio these days, there are not a whole lot of love songs that are really “love songs.”  Many ballads tend to fall into the “she/he left me” catagory, and the more upbeat ones tend to comment on a girl’s ass more than anything else.  Bruno Mars, aka Peter Hernandez, a Hawaiian born singer-songwriter is embracing a more redeeming approach to the love song, at least as far as mainstream pop goes.  His hit “Just the Way You Are” compliments a girl’s attributes without resorting to dirty double-entendres, and his collaberation on B.o.b’s “Nothing On You” praises his love interest without being tongue-in-cheek.  Its a breath of fresh air.  Yeah, he penned Flo Rida’s “Right Round.”  But we’ll forgive him for that.


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