3 Local Bands/Artists You Should Hear

Winnipeg has a great local music scene.  On any given night, you can go out and hear some great live music at a variety of venues and bars thoughout the city.  It is impossible to list every talented and worthy artist and band making music right now in The Peg, but here are three artists I am currently listening to.

1. Losing Focus
Playing together since high school, their debut album ‘A Portrait for the Ransom’ is a collection of raw riffs and heartfelt lyrics.   Under the wing of Juno Award winning and Grammy nominated producer Brandon Friesen, the band should be getting radio play across the country, if only they would come out with some new material.  The best cut off the album is a track entitled ‘Sway”. http://www.myspace.com/losingfocus 

2. Davinport
“It never hurts when your guitar player owns one of the most sought after studios in Winnipeg” says Jimmy Thow, vocalist for Davinport, winners of Power 97’s Rockin the 204 competition. The band currently is  preparing for their first full length release, ‘Creatures of Habit’.  While this band started off as a songwriting project it has quickly developed into one of the most exciting acts to watch for in 2009.  They currently have the track, ‘Vegas’, spinning on local radio.  Also check out the song, ‘Karma’.  http://www.myspace.com/davinportband 

3. Mike Burnard
The lead singer of local act, Crisis Jane, Burnard’s solo project shows a softer side to his songwriting and style.  The result is a good mix of soft rock and pop melody mixed with some acoustic underlying.  Check out the track ‘Sick but Pretty’. http://www.myspace.com/mikeburnard


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