Album of the ‘Leak’: Brand New- Daisy

Just leaked, Brand New’s fourth disc, Daisy, reinvents the band from their previous release, The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. It’s an even darker listen this time, with some new, interesting elements thrown in for good measure. As with TDAGARIM, religion plays a huge part in the lyrics, and musically, the band included some deep south country elements into the sonic architecture. Here is what SPIN says in their review of the album:

“The hardy Long Island lugs in Brand New might be the only guys in emo who still care more about Rites of Spring than they do about Weezer. On the follow-up to 2006’s instructively titled The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, frontman Jesse Lacey howls about burning in bed and turning to dirt while his bandmates churn out noisy, jagged art-punk riffs that routinely explode without warning. (You would think the trick would stop surprising you halfway through Daisy, but it doesn’t.) The sound is old-fashioned, but the fury is fresh.”

I wouldn’t exactly call it emo. It is loud, but it’s soft at the same time. Okay, so is most emo. But Brand New has matured along the years and have grown into a sound that demands to be taken seriously. If I had to pick an album “Daisy” sounded similar to, it would get thrown in with TDAGARIM, but this time round guitarist Vincent Accardi wrote most of the material and it gives the overall musical concept a unique feel. Lacey even belts out his fair amount of screams, something he rarely did before. It is a solid listen throughout, with standout tracks being: Gasoline, Bought a Bride, and the first single, At the Bottom. The album will be released in stores September 22nd.


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